Playing with fire(s)

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Aug 13, 2015
Indianapolis, Indiana
So we had three of the Mrs's daughters coming up with two of their small children from TN on Thursday for a first time visit in over a year and a half (thanks to covid).
The plan was for me to smoke something on Friday while they were out shopping and stuff. Ok! I had three racks of BBs and put together some Baked Beans and Macaroni salad Thursday.
I asked them how they liked their ribs. One wanted rub only, the grandbaby's supposedly would want sauce only and no one else cared. Ok.
The Mrs was worried that three racks wouldn't be enough (!), but I had a plan :-)
The ribs went on the offset at noon:
in the cooker.jpg
Upper left is rub free. Upper right will be rub only.

My "backup plan" was my new cooker which had been assembled in the garage for three days that I was dying to play with.
A small chicken went on my new toy...
on the spit.jpg

The offset wanted to run at it's usual 260 - 280, so I went with 2, 1-1/2, 1/2. Spritzed a couple of times with sweet tea (thank you TNJake).
At this time I had two fires going.
Brushed the ribs with BBQ sauce and Root Beer Glaze after un-foiling.
The beans went into the offset for a little while and then moved to my new toy. They're in that dome over the chicken.

Everything was done by 4:30. Ribs were pretty much FOTB, which is how we like them:-)
done.jpg cut.jpg

That's all the pics I have. Once I laid everything on the counter (one of the girls made a huge garden salad as well), I was getting ready to take a pic and all of a sudden the kitchen was a flurry of activity and I just got out of the way LOL! You all know what baked beans, chicken and salad look like anyway....
Of course no where near all the ribs were eaten and just a bit of the chicken. The Mrs and I will be having leftovers tomorrow (and the next day) instead of ham and sweet potatoes. No worries.

I learned a couple of things. I have a lot to learn about rotisseries and I don't like lump charcoal...

Whether you have a house full or just the one or two of you, have a wonderful Easter!

Great looking food! Glad you got to enjoy your company and using your new toy! Happy Easter!

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