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Dec 19, 2005
Beautiful Grand Rapids Michigan
I have been aware of the plateau that meat goes through for some time now.

But recently I recevied a wireless thermometer and let's just say that I watch the temps closer now.

Has anyone ever noticed that the meat in the smoker reachs a given temp and then drops a few degrees?

Right now my venison sticks went to 130F and has been dropping, to the current reading of 126F?
I also have had brisket and butts drop 2 or 3 degrees. Sometimes, I'm not sure how much I like all these gadgets. ;)

I have read before that losing temp. is bad from a food safety standpoint. I don't see how a couple degree slide in the cooking environment before the safe temp was reached can matter much myself. However, I've only had thermometers for a few months so this might not be the best place to hunt food safety advise. :oops:
Well figured out what it was.

Seems that my little ones did not fully understand the meaning of leave the smoker alone.

They decided to turn down one of the adjustment knobs so the smoker was not putting out the heat that it should have.
thank god you said it i thought i was the only one that happens to. i tried so hard to not have it drop i was questioning my smoking ability. i will sometime let it drop a little so the food will take a little longer to cook, if i think it is cooking to fast.

you can not believe the weight you lifted off my shoulders!!!!!!!!! :shock:
That is the way I would see it as well GunSlinger. Never had one falling below 140°. Usually 165°-175° is where this occurs in my adventures. It was less of a problem when I foiled sooner, but lately I have been letting my meat get through the plateau before foiling. I think it is better to let the collagen break down slower and without the aid of foil to rush it through. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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