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Planning on buying a Kamado next year: cart questions


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hey folks

I just bought my first smoker which was a Bradley digital electric smoker three years ago.

As I have learned more I was planning to get a different type of smoker as an addition. After doing a bit of research I think I’m planning on buying a very large Kamado Joe before next summer.

Some guy with the screen name “devildawg” posted photos of an awesome custom made wooden cart.
Unfortunately I don’t possess those carpentry skills. However I would like to buy something to enclose this Kamado grill/smoker

because as I understand if it falls over it is catastrophic. Are there any companies out there that make a good carts for these units?

Thanks for any helpful advice.


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If you google it there will be all kinds of different ones with the company's that make them


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Are there any plans available here for a do it yourself cart?

It seems that nothing that is made commercially seems to fit the bill

thanks for any helpful tips


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You can go a couple different ways.

It doesn't take many tools to build a cart. They are many woodworker's first project. It will probably stink and you'll have to build a new one, especially as you develop skills and change your mind about the "perfect cart"*.

You can design exactly what you want and look for someone to build it for you. A lot of guys have the tools and skills and are desperate for new projects. Craigslist may be a way to go, Nextdoor would probably be better.

* No such thing as perfect. Every design you come up with will change many, many times.


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They look nice however I cannot tell if the horizontal beams are mortised into the vertical supports.

I’m planning on buying the “pro Joe model” and it’s nearly 500 pounds.
I want to make sure that whatever cart gets built can support it.

I’ll contact the guy and try to find out more. Thanks for the information


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Those cedar tables look gorgeous and should last a long time without rotting. He could do some reinforcing easy enough to ensure it held the weight of your ProJoe, and still keep the screws hidden For a little extra I’m sure. The problem is it would cost you like $2g to have it shipped from Austin to Long Island.

My table was a bit ambitious for a first project, and there are things I would change a year into it now. However don’t let the appearance fool you, if you have a drill, tape, jigsaw and skill saw anyone can make a table. I spent hours researching the BGE forums looking at different table designs and getting the feedback those owners had based on their experience. It help guide my plans to match my local climate and usage needs.

Take things into consideration that a general prefab shop can’t, like your grilling space. Wind and weather likely to be experienced while doing a smoke; pre-wiring for temp controller and/or lighting; work station for prep or finish work.

I hope This gives you food for thought, and we are all excited to see what you end up with. that ProJoe is an awesome rig for sure.

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