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Pit Boss 820

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by fordguy5507, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Cleric40

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    I guess they call PMs "conversations" I started a conversation with you regarding your controller.
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    Hey! I'm from Brownsburg also!

    That's all.
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  3. Small World. If you see smoke, it could be me! :)
  4. I performed my upgrade to the Smoke Daddy PID this weekend. I noticed right away on the first burn that is was regulating fan speed and auger speed continuously as expected. But the temp was swinging big time. set at 350 and it was going 340 to 395. Does this controller auto learn over time? Will it get smarter with ongoing use and get my temps stable? The first burn was an empty grill with no grates or heatshield so I expect some difference, but not sure what to expect going forward?
  5. G-Rod

    G-Rod Fire Starter

    Hey Locolagarto and congrats on your upgrade. Yeah, without the heatshield, I think all bets are off as that is an integral part of heat distribution. I have the same PID controller and can keep temps within 5 to 10 degrees on shorter and regular cooks. 2 to 5 or 6 hours. On longer cooks, I've had my fire go out when trying to smoke at 225 degrees. The other thing you'll notice with the PID controller is that you'll use less pellets because of the better heat regulation (which is good) BUT...you don't get the same smoke production (which is bad). Fortunately for like $10-$12, you can buy a smoke box on Amazon that you put pellets in and light it, let it get smoldering, then put in your pit. This adds back a good amount of smoke to whatever it is your smoking. Cheers!
  6. I thought if the temp dropped below 140 it should re-lite?
  7. mike243

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    My pitboss makes no mention of a auto relight feature
  8. Correct, the stock PitBoss controller does not re-light. but the Smokedaddy PID is supposed to.
  9. G-Rod

    G-Rod Fire Starter

    Hmmmm, that's news to me. I must have missed that in the manual. To be honest, when I noticed the temp drop to about 160, I got up and turned the temp up to initiate the feed of more pellets. Then once it relit, reset my temp. But I'll definitely test the 140 re-lite feature to see if it does in fact do so.

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    Hi All,
    Bought a PB820D and I really enjoy this Unit . In the beginning I Had the Temperatures jump around too, Especially when really windy and or cold , So I adjust the Chimney Cap about a 1 1/2" from the Pipe and really help me and also adjusted the P setting to 5 . So far so good !!