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PID design help needed

madman mike

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I've looked through many forums regarding PID's and other designs but i still have answers i have not seen addressed.

Need to build a control box for my smoke house.

Using this fan and element for heat source and convection, http://www.appliancepartspros.com/whirlpool-fan-convct-w10206587-ap4367490.html#qa1

will have an inline exhaust fan (will be a manual variable speed control)

I want to control the house temp and internal food temps hi/low/shut offs through a PID as well as relay the convection fan to run when heat element is on but able to over ride the fan to run manually or timed for cold smoking or dehydrating.

Also want to have ramp up/down temp control as well.

I contacted Auberns and all they suggested was the bradly or 1800w pid plug and play controllers, doesn't seem like the right controller for what I am trying to set up, It sounded like this was my only option for duel temp control and ramping capabilities.

Anyone ever run two PIDs in line to control internal temp hi/low and another to control house temp or have any other suggestions that would be awesome.

I plan on using an AMNPS for the smoke generator, or venture type smoke generator for larger local wild fruit woods in the summer. I don't need the smoke generator control of the plug and play PIDS.

ill post some pics of the element and power supply I pulled from the oven I am using the parts from will follow later this evening.

I want to get all my parts before I bring home the cooler I am using to build the smoker out of. Wife is unaware at the moment of my plans, best to keep it that way until I am ready to assemble. Have a bathroom reno to finish and a smokehouse build before that is done would not go over well. hahaha.

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