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@jcam222 if you decide to sell and get new I’ll tell ya what my buddy Stevie the blues man (he played w the late Rondo from st Lou to Chicago at Legends - buddy Guy’s bar). Go play every guitar you can at many different stores till ya find one that fits…..they all different!!
Yep if you have a GC near you plan a trip and spend some time playing different models and then trade if you find a keeper.

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I feel the same way about my Strat at times, but it sounds like a strat, when I get things right. Although it is really hard for me to play, I dig the strat sounds when I do my part.
I look at some of the old blues players,and thier fingers make mine look small, so I know it's just me.
The Strat definitely owned the blues and man I love that sound and tone.
Also love the clean Tele tone for the classic Nashville licks.
I played with a Blues band yrs ago and the lead picker was great. But if you looked at his crooked fingers you'd never expect it.

Did a 3 hr gig last night and I looked at the guitarist digital effects and he had it set to "Fender Tone". He plays a Carvin😅

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ANYONE can learn to play. The key is to find a good instructor. There are some GREAT YouTube videos as well but not as good as instruction. The secret is to find material the student really wants to learn and find a simpler piece for them to dive into. Done correctly they are hooked for life in one lesson! Just taught my youngest. She wanted to learn Smells Like Teen Spirit. Not exactly hard but a little too much for first time player. I suggested Come as You Are. From here, if you wanna get good, it takes discipline. I would say an hour a day. Once you learn a piece, learn to play it 2x faster. This builds muscle memory INSANELY fast.

Based on a feel of the age and type of music I would say a good beginner tune would be Peter Gunn. Leads to lots of rock/chugging hard rock stuff. Taught a few of my high school buds to play with it.
Yep if you have a GC near you plan a trip and spend some time playing different models and then trade if you find a keeper.

A lot of GC's don't except trades anymore, they will outright buy it at stupid low prices and resell it for stupid high prices. Not a fan of GC, if you want to get rid of it search the exact same model on "Reverb" set a competitive price, and it should sell pretty quickly. I don't do FB, but I hear Market Place is a great place to sell things.
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