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This thread, and the pictures, inspired me! I had a picanha steak coming from Porter Road, part of an order using a gift certificate I'd won on a Throwdown here, and I had planned to cook it in the style of the Brazilian steakhouses.
I trimmed the fat cap to about 3/8", then scored it as C cmwoody had done. I seasoned generously with kosher salt, and let it sit for about 90 minutes. Then, lacking a proper skewer, I threaded it onto two shish kebab skewers, about an inch apart. I cooked it over an open flame, got a nice sear on both sides in about 6 minutes/side, then I sliced 1/4" off each side and put the remaining steak back on to sear again...since as noted, it's all about the sear. We ended up with the two 1/4" slices, and the center portion, about 3/4" thick. I served it with chimichurri I'd made an hour before, to let the flavors blend, and it was glorious! Tremendous beef flavor, due to some combination of the cut, the cook, and Porter Road's fine product.

Side were shrimp cocktail, grilled garlic toast, and greens prepared following this recipe.
Being in the north, I couldn't find collard greens so I used fresh baby leaf spinach instead, and it turned out great.

No caipirinhas this time, this was a belated valentine's dinner, so we enjoyed a bottle of champagne.

And in the rush to get everything done and on the table at the same time, I took no pictures. I know, I know...I'll go put myself on time out now to reflect on my omission.
Awesome 👍🏼

Should have taken photos! Since you didn't...

Regarding trimming the fat cap, I used to do that too... Now I look for picaña with a thick cap and don't trim it. Most I'll trim is to clean up around the edges. Fat is flavor! I live for plucking these little chunks of hot chicherrons off. It's like an free extra treat.


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