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  1. anyone ever add any ECA when making pepperoni with cure #1 if so did you use the recommended amout or less
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    ECA works well as long as you follow the recommended steps but I have found a product even better which produces a taste almost as good as using starter cultures.  It is as easy to use as ECA but has a less acidic flavor while still lowering pH to a safe level.  It's called Smooth Acid Blend and happens to be carried by Allied Kenco  in Houston, TX.

    Here's their link: 

    From their website, it states: 

    "This product will produce a smoother - less tart taste because while containing some citric acid, it also contains trehalose - a natural sugar, as well as lactic acid - a natural product used as an ingredient in many fermented products. 

    • Lowers the ph of the meat • cuts the drying time • produces a firmer sausage.

    • Encapsulated to release on temperature rise (150° f. - Internal meat temp.) 

      • So this product is intended for use in products that will be heated such as smoked and semi dried

    • To be added to the mix after the grind as to not rupture the capsules"
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  3. Thanks IDaSmoker ...

    This sounds great! I've been using buttermilk and was going to try ECA next ... but now I'll try this instead.
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    Old Frenchie,

    I've never found buttermilk or Fermento to produce a product that was tangy enough nor did it reduce the pH to a safe enough level if making semi-dry sausage such as pepperoni, Landjaeger, salami, etc.  I think you will like the Smooth Acid Blend (SAB) especially if you have used ECA in the past but found it to be too acidic.  SAB will reduce the pH while not making your sausage too sour to enjoy.  I know it's not as cheap as ECA but it sure is cheaper than buying LAB starter cultures which have a limited shelf life and require the sausage to be fermented at the proper temperature and humidity. 

    I still use and love T-SPX (my favorite starter culture) but reserve it for Landjaegers,  teawurst and a few others that are not cooked (rohwurst, or "uncooked" sausage) nowadays.  I use the SAB for pepperoni and salami and others that are then fully cooked, with great results.
  5. that was i was thinking didn't think SACO would drop the ph where i wanted it but didn't want lemon pepperoni guess i'll order SAB i seen allied had it resonable thinking in the mean time i'll try ECA at half teaspoon per LB and do a small batch

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