Peoria Cookers Meat Monster $10,000

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Jan 17, 2017
I have a 30X60 Peoria Cookers Meat Monster for sale in Illinois.  The cooking is in excellent condition  Asking $10,000 OBO. 
The cooker has about 500 miles on it and has been used about 15 times. The cooker has been stored in a heated garage since it was purchased. 

It has a Competition Firebox that is fully insulated with two layers of 1/4" steel separated by 2" of ceramic insulation in between the layers of steel, it has the Minion charcoal basket, Charcoal cleanout tray, and a cooking grate for searing or grilling at high temperatures or cooking pizzas. The firebox is also equipped with a rotisserie. The firebox door has an inlet compatible with a BBQ Guru 20CFM blower system.

The main cooking chamber is fully insulated with two layers of 1/4" steel separated by 2" of ceramic insulation in between the layers of steel. The main cooking chamber has two 30"X60" cooking levels. The top level cooking grate is made of 1/4th inch solid stainless Bars. The lower lever cooking grate is heavy duty galvanized steel. The bottom level can be used as either a second level while slow cooking or can be filled with charcoal and the top rack can be used for direct grilling. Both levels crank up and can support over 200lbs when cracked into the up position. You can also choose to crank up just upper level, this is useful for controlling heat while grilling or for easy access to the lower level while slow cooking. The cooking grates use a stainless steel chain drive and cable for the crank up and rack support system. The main cooking chamber is also equipment with a 102 CFM convection system. The convection system can also be removed as needed. It  has twin Stainless Steel adjustable smoke stacks. The stacks can be rotated 360 degrees.  Each smoke stake has a shut off valve and the base of the smoke stacks and are mounted at different levels. It  has a 2" brass drain valve for easy cleanout.

The lid is fully insulated with two layers of 1/4 " steel separated by 1" of ceramic insulation in between. The lid has a custom designed spring assist system that allows the weight of the lid to be adjusted anywhere from 2lbs to 135lbs. The custom spring system allows the lid to stay open by itself at any angle. The lid has 1 inch fire rope embedded all the way around the lid to seal the seam between the lid and the main cooking chamber. The lid also has adjustable and removable lock down latch to adjust the closing pressure of the lid creating a completely air tight seal. All moving parts on the cooker use oil impregnated bronze bushings for all rotating parts (I.E. Lid, Door, Crank Up).

The deck of the cooker has a round open pit. The pit has 961 Square inches of cooking space. The cooking grate is made of 1/4th inch solid stainless Bars. The Pit has adjustable vents and the cooking grate can be raised or lowered to control the heat. The cooking grate can support over 100lbs in the raised position.

The storage box is 57"X24"X17" .

The entire cooker is make of "pickled and oiled" steel and was powder coated in a painting booth using a heat primer followed by several powered coats of high heat black paint for durability

The trailer has Radial S100 MT-205 tubeless tires with aluminum wheels and aluminum fenders. The trailer has a bulldog jack with removable wheel and the trailer has all safety features ad was built in compliance with the National Association of Trailer Manufacture.

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I'm interested. Please contact me and let me know if it's still available.
Just as a heads up, if he doesn’t respond, there is a guy selling one the same size on my FB buy/sell group if ya have FB. It’s called Smokers and Grills Buying and selling. And this guy is active and posted it about a week ago. He’s in NJ.
Thanks for the link very nice rig! Not interested in the pellet pooper mounted on front though so I don't want to pay for that. Not sure why this guy isn't responding according to his profile he was on the site this past Sunday and he must have seen the PM I sent him. I will wait and see if I get a response here if not I may just talk to Peoria about building one. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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