Pellets on Fire!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by colleen, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. Oh my gosh…the hopper with the pellets on my Louisiana CS450 smoker caught on fire!  I ended up taking my brisket off and putting it in the oven.. I have had the smoker/grill for about 4 years and never had this happen before.  What happened??  What do I do now?  :(
  2. goliath

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    I JUST BOUGHT ONE !!!!!!!!
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    That doesn't sound good. I would clean it up and start over. I don't know much about the CS smokers but my Green Mountain Jim Bowie has

    a fan that blows into the hopper so flames cannot back up through the auger... Same setup perhaps ??
  4. I am SO BUMMED  I have the brisket in the oven now (after putting out a fire and burning my arm!)  Oh boy.  I will contact tech support on Monday but in the mean time I am trying to figure out how to make burnt ends without the grill.  I think I will just put the point in the slow cooker with some BBQ sauce.  
  5. I am afraid to start over until I figure out the problem. I bet I need a new fan. Either way I can make this brisket turn out. I will not let this ruin my dinner!
  6. That sucks about your grill, but I agree check with customer service and get it figured out before trying it again. Glad your not giving up on that brisket!! Hope it all turns our great!
  7. Thank you deuce! I never give up! I am just glad I had the 4 hours of smoke before the pellets caught on fire. The meat smells really good and is doing fine in the oven. I will put the point I. The crock pot for "burnt" ends. After everyone eats I will tell the story! :). I did get a Nasty burn on my arm during the fire chaos but I will just consider that a trophy!
  8. UPDATE…the grill is fine the operator (me!) was placing the burn pot and the grate incorrectly!  Oh my gosh,  I can not believe that I did not have obvious problems before now!  I now have the burn pot properly placed, cemented in with furnace cement. (the newer versions come with the burn pot secured already)  Oh and I also had the grate in wrong!  oh my goodness…oops! :)  I should not have to worry about fire in the hopper again!!!

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