pecan for smoking

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Search for ChefRob doing some smoking with Pistachios - I seem to remember he did one a while back

It sure seem like an awful lot of work. Now you have to crack the shell and remove the nuts fruit so it won't blow up I guess. Go For It and let us know.
You know when I didn't have access to pecan wood I would go to a nearby pecan shelling plant and ask for the shells.  They made good smoke when used in smaller amounts.

You have a lot of fat in nut meat. Never did it but I would believe with something like pecan you would get a dark almost black smoke from all the oil and carbohydrates in the nut meat. 
Well I use alot of Pecan.  I do know a plant of some sort down here tosses the shells as scrap according to a old neighbor.  Hmmm.  Couple trash bags full of shells maybe?   
I've never used nut shells for smoking but have read about it and have seen a couple vendors that offer pecan and hazelenut. I have used (a little bit) of corncob smoking pork with good results. Might be interesting. I understand that walnut wood is quite potent so the shells may be similar. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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