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That pastrami looks great. What mix of black/white pepper did you use. I found that white pepper can have a bit of a bite and sometimes overwhelms peoples palates.
i just used the black as per debi's recipe. i was thinking white pepper wasn't as stout. maybe i'll reduce the pepper period as i had to adjust for a smaller brisket. it was precorned btw.maybe it's cause i just took an end piece for the first bite.
It looks fabulous!!!

Definitely give the white pepper a try.

If you want to really experiment, get a sample of the peppercorns that come in different colors and types. Never know....
That looks soooooo good! You say that was a store bought corned beef though? How long did you soak it in water before you smoked it to get out the heavy salt flavor? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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