Pastrami Revisited

Discussion in 'Beef' started by macbillybob, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. My second pastrami is on the smoker.

    The first time I brined/corned an entire brisket, then used the point half for corned beef and the flat half for pastrami. This time I bought a trimed flat (or mostly flat). Corned it for 8 days then rubbed with coriander and black pepper.

    I am going to hot smoke to 150 internal then steam for 3-4 hours after it has rested a day or so.

    Out of the brine:


    In the smoker (using the big boy smoker since I am hot smoking)
  2. yummy! looks good!
  3. caveman

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    My bread is ready......I am a waiting.
  4. mballi3011

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    OK you have me a little confused here. Now I get the whole brining thing to make the corned beef. And I get the smoking it to make the pastrami part. Now here's where I fell off the wagon you are going to steam it now that's it get it hot to serve it right. I'm concerned about the 3-4 hours of steaming is what losing me. I would just steam it hot for some of the best sandwiches that there is out there with a little Swiss cheeses and some mustard now your heading into that section of food heaven. So if you would could you answer me that little question for me.
  5. The steaming thing is something I read about some of the famous deli's who make their own Pastrami. They typically steam it for quite a while to get the tender fall-apart meat you get when you order a pastrami sandwich. This is also what Ruhlman says in his book.

    I did steam the first one I did but not long. Like you say, just to get it ready to serve. It was a bit tough, but good.

    The corned beef I made last time was fall-apart good, but it was boiled for a long time.

    We will see how this works this time. Won't be the first mini-failure I have had with meat.
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    You are in for a treat! The steam bath does wonders to the finished product. I read the same post you are referring to and it prompted me to try it also and I am damn glad I did! Looking forward to hearing how yours comes out.

    Oops, I almost forgot. Hook em Horns!!!
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    My bread is a is on da plate..........
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    Your funny Caveman....
  9. Bring the bread over and we will slice some up.
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    Looks like your off to a tasty start!

    I always steam my pastrami, cool then steam the next day.
    It not only helps make the meat even more tender but pulls in moisture so it is extremely juicy and succulent.
    I have gone 3-4 hours and it is fine since they will only absorb so much additional moisture then pretty much just stay hot and moist until slicing.
    The ones at Katz's deli will steam for 4-5-6 hours even but they usually don't last long enough to steam that long.
  11. It is cooling as we speak. Will post final pics when I have the strength.[​IMG]
  12. After the smoke it rested in the fridge overnight. Half got vac packed, the other half is steaming.
  13. Thanks for the Hookem.

    Done with steaming. This is definately a treat. Moist, tender and a nice spicey crust. (Coriander and black pepper is all I used)

    A little sourdough rye is all that is needed.

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