pastrami for my brother

Discussion in 'Beef' started by thebarbequeen, Jun 4, 2011.

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    Smoked up a couple pastramis for my brother's birthday gift. He was really happy about it! I can't find my notes on these, so I'll remember the best I can. They came out really good!! I usually just rinse the corned beef (use good quality store-bought), but I did soak them overnight this time to see if it made a difference. It didn't really seem to, but if I have the time, I'll soak rather than just rinse from here out.  After soaking, I rinsed and patted dry, then smeared with a bit of golden mustard mixed with horseradish sauce. I REALLY like what the horseradish adds, did it last time and this time confirmed it. Then I mixed up the spices that came with the corned beef, and added some of this:


    These packets are from Uwajimaya grocery store, they have some amazing combinations and I thought this one sounded good for pastrami.  I'm doing it again next time, for sure! I ran all the spices in the grinder just a bit.


    I've been taking them up to around 160-170, then foiling to 190 or so.  The bottom one got dripped on, it's actually nice and dark too. I don't remember what I had cooking over it, I think it was sausage for more corn chowder.


    I've been haunting craigslist and ebay for a slicer, I want thin deli pastrami!  I steamed them in the oven for quite a while, then overnight in the fridge before slicing.


    all wrapped up and ready for the freezer. This was the tastiest batch yet. I managed to get it smokier, I don't remember if it was all cherry or a combo. I usually use a combo, could be cherry and pecan.


    thanks for looking!  [​IMG]
  2. That looks excellent, I'd be happy with that gift! You are a good sister. Toy hunting on Craigslist frustrates me as you already know haha. [​IMG]

  3. bearcarver

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    That Looks Great Barbe !!!!

    You got a Very Lucky Brother !

    Nice Job!

  4. beer-b-q

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    Looks Great Barbedoll
  5. raptor700

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    Freakin awesome Barbe [​IMG]

    I really gotta give that a try

    Thanks for sharing  [​IMG]
  6. meateater

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    Looks great! I never thought about cumin on pastrami, gonna have to give that a try. Thanks for the view. [​IMG]
  7. venture

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    Looks really good!  I like to soak my corned beefs to get some of the salt out.  The pastrami rub seems to put back in any flavor I might have lost in the process.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  8. smokinal

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    Love pastrami! Yours looks excellent!   [​IMG]
  9. africanmeat

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    This pastrami looks great and nice color

    thanks for the Qview
  10. scarbelly

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    Wow that looks great Barbie. Sorry I missed this one until now 
  11. realtorterry

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    Man that was good looking strami
  12. Amazing! Great job. Gimme two pieces of rye bread & some hot mustard, and I'm in heaven.
  13. jirodriguez

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    Nice job Barbe.... question: where did you buy the corned beef, that is some great looking stuff.
  14. fishwrestler

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    Nice, I want a sister like you . :)

    have you given my rub a try???

  15. fishwrestler

    fishwrestler Smoking Fanatic Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member

    Nice, I want a sister like you . :)

    have you given my rub a try???

  16. thebarbequeen

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    Aww, THANKS everybody for your kind words!   I haven't tried your rub yet Fishwrestler - looks like I need to!  My brother is a real foodie, and LOVES a good deli pastrami sandwich; he was so excited when I gave him his present, my sister-in-law was a little "you gave him lunch meat for his birthday??" and my mom said, "but it's PASTRAMI!"  That's my family...
    Got these at QFC,  it's part of the Kroger chain, but more "upscale" than Fred Meyer's. These say distributed by Tyson, Certified Angus Beef. They're actually a bit more "bargain brand" then I have sometimes gotten, but they were really good looking. I stocked up after St.Patty's day.  Still have 2 left in the freezer.
  17. Great looking strami Barbe. I have a flat in the freezer. I think you inspired me to make some more. Nice job.
  18. happy2meatu

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  19. michael ark

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    Great looking hunk of meaty love and great present.
  20. fpnmf

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    It does look delicious!!


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