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  1. Does anyone have a good bacon recipe for someone on a paleo diet?
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    Watching.    Sorry I couldnt help.
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    Isn't there an 85 / 15 rule where you can have non-paleo meals 3 times a week or something?

    Since there's no additional salt or refined sugar in the diet that I'm aware of, it's pretty much impossible to make bacon. 
  4. If my wife eats anything nonpaleo she gets sick. She has been able to eat uncured bacon. I'm just trying to figure out how it's made.
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    Uncured bacon is cured.  There is just some odd FDA legal reason they can (have to) call it uncured.

    Most use concentrated celery juice powder, which contains both nitrites and nitrates.  

    The Sausage Maker is the only place I have seen that sells celery juice powder that has instructions for curing shown on the website.

    I'm not sure what you would use for the sugar.  Other than that it should be like making normal bacon.
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    Uncured bacon does not taste like bacon. "Naturally" cured bacon is stil cured as others have said. And it's a scam if you ask me. And probably has more non-paleo ingredients than a bacon you would make at home.

    Is salt paleo? How about salpeter (mined)? If they are you can mix your own cure...
  7. Thanks for the info.
  8. I am trying to convince my wife it's a scam but that's hard to do when all she can think about is……if I eat this will it make me sick.
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    I Googled " what does a Paleo diet consist of? " I reviewed a random selection and all included Bacon and Ham as an option but suggest that  it be cured with Sea or Mined Salt, and a Veg based Nitrate/Nitrite and No Sugar. There is no rule that says Bacon must have Sugar, so skip it. I suggest buying the Celery Powder from Sausage Maker and following their directions for use. Using Salt at 2% is not so strong that it has to be balanced with sugar...JJ

    " Uncured " is the only official FDA/USDA designation for Bacon, Ham, Dogs, Etc, that are cured with a Celery derivative to provide the cure instead of added Nitrate/Nitrites. The term " Uncured Bacon " is the description that can describe the bacon other than smoke flavor, Hickory Smoked, or flavor like Maple Bacon.

    " Naturally Cured " actually Natural anything, while often used as a Marketing and Advertising Keywords that make you Think it is better for you, are under review. These terms are currently allowed by the FDA with the following conditions but not acceptable as an official name on products...The FDA has considered the term “natural” to mean that nothing artificial or synthetic  (including all color additives regardless of source) has been included in, or has been added to, a food that would not normally be expected to be in that food. 

    More info on " Natural "...
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  10. Thank you JJ for the info. I am planning on ordering some celery powder from sausage maker and giving it a try. I think I might try using some pure maple syrup instead of sugar.
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  11. Celery powder is ordered.
    Does anyone have a recipe for using celery powder as a cure on bacon?
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    That is pretty much a follow manufacturers directions. Cure #1 is a consistent 6.25% nitrite. Celery contains NitrAte that has to be pre-reduced, often by bacteria culture, to nitrite. The amount can vary source to source so the manufacturer will determine amount you need through testing. I have yet to see any source say, " Always add celery powder at Xgrams per pound meat."...JJ
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  13. I finally got around to trying to make some bacon using celery powder. I am not sure witch smells worse celery powder or coconut sugar.

  14. 70560F08-B3BA-4EFF-BA45-ACEA791341C6.jpeg

    I rinse the belly off tonight and did a test fry. It wasn’t to bad and my wife liked it. Tomorrow I will hit it with some smoke and then slice it.
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    Nice . I didn't see this post. Did it taste cured?
  16. It did taste cured and smelled like bacon.
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    That's great. Don't think anyone here tried this before.
  18. The celery powder “cure” method is actually very easy.
  19. I’m using some apple and hickory for smoke.

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