Organizing BBQ accessories

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Nov 24, 2020
Petrolia, Ontario, Canada
I am looking for ideas on how people store BBQ/smoker accessories?
My BBQ and smoker are both on my back deck.
My kitchen has limited storage space.
Looking for novel ideas to add accessory storage either on the deck or efficiently in the garage efficiently.

spare weber racks, searing plates, tongs, rib/chicken racks, pepper racks, removable 2nd shelf, etc
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Sep 15, 2012
I've got two shelves in my garage that I store things like the SnS, Vortex, maze, and chips. Extra grates are hung on the garage wall. The top of my kitchen fridge holds all my tongs, spatulas and anything else that may touch the food.



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Sep 12, 2009
Macungie, PA
I have one full wall of 6' tall steel cabinets, and about a 12' width of them is stuff like dozens of gallon jugs full of pellets & dust from "Amazing". And I have a 5' chest of drawers in our spare room for a bunch of non-smelly BBQ stuff.



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Jan 18, 2021
Merriam, KS
I keep my outdoor cooking stuff in several places depending on what it is. Utensils, silverware, pots/pans go in cabinets behind the bar after washing. Patio is just off the family room. SnS, chimneys, cleaning tools, stuff like that are stored under the Performer and Genesis grills on the patio. Charcoal, extra propane cylinders and extra grates go in the garden shed. Not ideal but there really is a method to the maddness, things aren't too hard to find.


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Jun 12, 2019
Allentown, PA
I keep most things on an Ikea cart and on a small Coleman camping table in my basement. Things like pellets, charcoal, the rotisserie get stored there. Things like the vortex and SNS insert are kept in the kettles. I should probably get another Ikea shelf come to think of it......

JckDanls 07

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Sep 10, 2011
Tampa area, Florida.
I suggest you get one of the double door vinyl sheds.. Can coose from different sizes and configuration... Can go on the deck in the cooking area or in the garage ...

Contact the Mnfg and see if they offer replacement shelves if more shelving is needed


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Jul 27, 2021
Greenville SC
I keep all my stuff either in my grills or in a small storage room in carport.
Now if I could find a good way to keep all my spices in one place so I could easily see and choose them. Instead of being stuffed into two cabinets in kitchen.


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Apr 25, 2015
I suggest you get one of the double door vinyl sheds...
I've got an 8'x6' steel shed just 20' away around the side. (Now there's something that's doubled in price in the last 3 years!) But I also have a nice teak ice chest with folding side shelves for wine and beer entertaining that has a small storage area underneath that I keep the real critical items my smoke journal!
There's some decent stainless steel outdoor drawer/shelf units for sale (amazon etc) but I think my wife would nix any DIY implementation of them, at least for the main patio which she keeps under strict control!
Harbor Freight has some nice large roll-aways, with a nice arrary of very large and very small drawers, with nice wood countertops and avail in several primary color choices, for what seem like fantastic prices. I've frequently eyed those but there's no room in the garage and the Missus would not approve for the patio.
But your mileage may vary!


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Aug 3, 2015
Alexandria, VA
I used to be all over, but started using these totes from Home Depot, Target, etc. it’s not very well organized inside them, but I know where to look now for most of my stuff. I also just built a decent size wood table on wheels for next to grill/smokers. I included a type of shelf underneath to put the totes on and cover all with a good tarp.
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Apr 4, 2019
Nothing too innovative here … use half an attached small utility room … charcoal, pellets, wood on pallets on floor; vortex, attachments, rib/chicken racks, grates, gloves, disposable pans, large utensils on shelves. Kitchen has dedicated drawer in kitchen for shears, claws, tongs, temp monitors, etc; and an upper cabinet for commercial and homemade rubs, seasonings, spices, etc.

I did store some of this stuff in plastic totes on the bottom shelf under my large prep table on patio, but not perfectly weather/air tight and find they ‘keep better’ in utility room.


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May 12, 2018
I have a double door vinyl shed. I put a small plastic shelving unit in it and that hols all of my charcoal, chunks and pellets. Plus some small cleaning things. The expensive things like Therms, etc are in the house in the pantry. Of course the shed is messy, so I hope to better organize it soon.


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Dec 27, 2015
Southwest Minnesota
I ended up purchasing this outdoor kitchen island thing off Amazon.

View attachment 648736

Pro: it's waterproof and keeps anything inside it dry
Con: there are no internal shelves so everything is piled up inside

It is convenient for having all the usual stuff I need close to the grills (tongs, spatulas, fire-starters, etc.) but it's far from a complete solution.
looks good, just add some shelving in yourself and it should make it very nice!


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Oct 27, 2022
Cedar Creek, TX
looks good, just add some shelving in yourself and it should make it very nice!
I suppose that shelves could be added -- Good suggestion. They'd have to be free-standing inside it (like little end-tables or nightstands) because there's nothing inside to anchor shelves to.

But, like the rest of you, I haven't really found the perfect solution yet. The only other thing I got toward the effort of organizing spices, rubs, and such was this over-the-door spice rack (also on Amazon), but it didn't take me long to fill that too (WORD OF WARNING: this rack is cheaply constructed and every morning I expect to find everything on the floor).

Actually, my bigger concern is my charcoal (it's guaranteed to rain if I forget to bring them back to the porch!). I was thinking of getting those tubs (similar to what bauchjw bauchjw depicted):


I have seen other versions with wheels on one side -- not that it would need to go far, but it would be convenient to roll into the corner of my deck, out of the way.


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Dec 27, 2015
Southwest Minnesota
checkout the kingsford extra large charcoal kaddy, hold 55 lbs, has wheels, is supposed to be watertight. i can't attest to the watertightness as i have them inside my garage. but they work good for what i want them to do.
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