Oklahoma Joe's "Grill"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vegasrc1, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. vegasrc1

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    I refinished this little grill a few years ago and built the stand.  I know it's made by Oklahoma Joe's but I always thought they made smokers only. My Grandfather got it new and gave it to my Father.  Now I have it and would like info in it like the model/name. Has anyone seen this grill or have info? I really like this old grill, the thermometer still works great. Thanks 
  2. smokinal

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    It looks like a firebox for a smoker, with a stack where normally the smoke & heat would pass through to the cooking chamber.

  3. vegasrc1

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    That's what I thought but it is a Oklahoma Joe's grill. It has the Oklahoma emblem with a serial number as well as the original Oklahoma thermometer. Would you have any ideas to clean the emblem? I don't want to use a wire wheel because it will scrape it. What will bring the shine back without damaging the print? Can't get the upload image to work from my phone. I have a few more images to post. Will post the asap.
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  4. vegasrc1

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    Any tips on cleaning the OK Joe's label? It could use a shine but I don't want to take the name a picture off. Thanks
  5. mtime7

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    that looks like an old good one, all welded, not like the ones you get today
  6. vegasrc1

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    It is pretty heavy and old. I would like an original OK Joe's smoker to go with the grill but my newer production will do for now. This little grill will last forever with a some care. Anyone else own one?
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  7. thebridge

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    I have one..no clue about the history. I found it years ago.
  8. thebridge

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