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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by rp ribking, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. rp ribking

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     I have found either a 250 or 275 gallon oil drum (not sure which size) that was made into a big grill. 

    I have some ?? for ya'll 

    It has surface rust on the inside,outside and the grates (expanded metal heavy duty), How do I clean?

    Should I sand blast (to get the rust off) and then use Hi-temp paint?

    Do I need trailer lights and turn signals?

    What should I do for tires,wheels and a tongue for a reese hitch for hauling down the road?

    Any info is appreciated

    I'll be back with more ?'s it is time for some spares for lunch that I smoked last night.

    Thanks RP
  2. flyfishjeep

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    If you are cleaning the rust off I would start with a hand grinder but be careful not to stay in one spot too long and take off too much metal.  If you have access to a sand blaster it would probably be a quicker and smoother way to go.

    Take a high temp paint like you said after you clean it up and that should prevent that from happening again.  Just season it well before putting any meat on it.

    As far as building a trailor you would have to estimate what the weight of the total rig would be.  Also consider if you are going to haul other items on it ( wood, coolers...seat for me =) )  I don't think you will have trouble pulling it.

    Good luck and post some pics when you can.
  3. timmy7649

    timmy7649 Fire Starter

    i would love to see pics. im building a 240 gal. i need ideas.

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