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Original poster
Jul 28, 2015
St. Louis, Missouri
Does anyone have a % of yield chart for different meats? Like turkey 40% yield pork butt 50% etc. It would be great info when trying to figure amounts for big groups. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the spreadsheet that is AWESOME I can see that this will be a big help. But I question some of the yield percentages. I'm not a seasoned veteran with the catering so I'm here to learn. But I know for sure I have never gotten a 65% yield from a turkey. I didn't know if some of the members had experience with the different meats to share their opinions or what their yields are.

Thanks again SmokinAL for the spreadsheet I searched all over the web trying to find something like that.
I've used that speadsheet alot and the % is pretty spot on. Now that being said I haven't tested with whole birds. I have done turkey breast.

Now I usually add 10% or so to the total needed to ensure plenty is made for the events.
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