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Jul 5, 2007
Well, I just picked up a LL combo cooker. 3qt, 10" Wanted a 12" but can't find one around here. Was anxious to get started so I figured I could use this one and continue the quest for the 12. Now I just need to find something simple to start of with and go from there!

I don't know how to edit title, but supposed to be New DOer. Still looking for that dutch oven, just can't find one close by.
Sorry, not a dutch oven. I typed too fast, I got a skillet. I just can't find a dutch oven around this area. I'm still on the lookout though. Might have to do a little traveling. What I got was a 9 3/4 skillet, 3qt. to do some cooking in for the meantime.
Sorry for that hasty typing. I checked out Scheels but couldn't find anything. Might have to head out to Cabelas and will definently look a that link Deejay. Thanks for the help everyone, hopefully soon I can find one and get started.
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I had a pretty good do'er tell me the only place I could get the lodge locally was at walmart. I didn't know Ace did, I'll have to check the one near here. Walmart I looked at here had the lodge, but just the skillet I got. I'd rather not shop there too, but I'm looking for a 12" and the places I went didn't have dutch ovens at all. Might have to make a trip to Omaha.
I found one! Went to a different Wally world and there on the bottom shelf was one 12" with legs, 6qt DO. Got it home, what's the first thing I should do with it or go right to trying out some recipes?
If it were me, I would clean it good and season it. Twice may not hurt, but I would season it good at least once even if it says it is preseasoned. After that start cooking some of your favorite recipes. If it can be cooked on the stove it can be cooked in a D.O. It might be best to start out with some simple recipes, and as you get used to cooking in the oven, you can move on to more difficult recipes. A can of biscuit baked in the oven will get you started and won't cost much if things don't come out just right. Enjoy your new D.O.
I am assuming that you have an unseasoned DO, or just plain out of the box. Wash it first with standard dishsoap and water, maybe a scouring pad if there are any rust spots or areas that are tough to clean. Wipe it dry. You could put it on low heat to make sure it is dry or just set it next to the stove for a couple of minutes until it is dry. Drying it too fast with fire could cause a water/mineral stain/spot that could be slow to get rid of. After it is dry, dab a little veggie oil on a clean rag and completely wipe down the inside and outside of the DO. Thin is better, you don't want any runs or puddles (They turn gummy). Put the DO into your oven at 250-300 for about 2-3 hours. (I try to remember to put it in upside down so that any extra oil drips out) You could also put it in your smoker without the added smoking wood (Smoke from the regular combustion of the fuel won't hurt anything and I would save the smoking chunks for the meat) And you could do it over charcoal or an open fire as well, just watch the heat! If it ever stops smoking before the time limit or part starts to turn dull I add a wipe of the oiled rag again.

May I suggest a few game hens for starters? Or what is your favorite dish?
Sorry, forgot to add, it is pre-seasoned. Was just wondering if I should season again or what the next step was?

You could have saved me alot of typing!

Nah, don't worry 'bout me.

I would at least wash it out good before the first use, and anything that you do to it after that is all for fun. It won't hurt to season it again if you want, but I would rather be cooking myself!

So what is the first pot gonna be?
I apologize for all the typing ya had to do.

I ordered a Jiffy recipe book and got it the day before I found the DO. Was thinking of trying something out of that, maybe starting with pizza or they have some recipes in the book that came with the DO. Haven't really decided yet. I've got a rock pile here I want to make a ring first. Going to do that tonight and maybe give it a go tonight or tomorrow night.
Made a little homemade DO table.

Thought I would this unrelated little bit. Pears are doing excellent, should have plenty this year.
COB-BLER COB-BLER COB-BLER! Love DO cobbler! Reminds me of the old family bbqs when I was a kid. My Nanny (gramma) would make the best cherry cobbler and homemade vanilla icecream, of course I helped
Brings back memories...
Bow -

The pears look great! You gotta try a cobbler! Also save some of those pears for a thickener for your favorite homemade BBQ sauce adds just a touch of natural sweetness. Save your fall trimmings for your spring smoking wood! Pear is great for smoking.

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