Not sure if this is the right spot to post this or not.

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Jul 4, 2012
Fargo, ND
I'm looking to buy a gravity feed smoker (leaning towards the Stumps Baby). I'm just wondering if anybody know if there is a builder in Minnesota to check out to avoid shipping charges and buy locally! Thanks in advance and if this is not allowed or in the wrong spot delete or point me in the right direction.
All the GF manufactures I know of are in GA, Stumps, Assassin, Deep South and Southern Q, all of them are top notch.
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As Gr8day says, most of the companies who build GF cookers are in the south.  There is one company I know of in the northeast that builds quality cabinet smokers, including GF.  Take a look at Humphrey's Competition Smokers.  Not sure exactly where they are...seems like I may have heard Maine?  Anyway, they might be closer to you than the Georgia companies, and by all accounts their cookers are as well-built as any out there.

Good catch forgot about Humphrey's, they do have a GF model and they are based in Maine, most of their insulated cabinets are reverse flow similar to Backwoods Smokers. Thinking about it I'm pretty sure Myron Mixon sells a GF model as well.
TMSHROYER80 I just got a Assassin28 and have done 4-5 smokes on it so far and really pleased with it. They do exactly what they claim and have plenty of room. I swear by my Lang84 and always will but its very nice addition. Being able to set and forget has been really helpful for sure. And they are insulated and able to hold temp in very cold weather. I live in MI and the first smoke I did on it was 6 deg. outside. No joke. And didn't even phase it. It was 390$ from Georgia to Michigan for shipping
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