Noob Smoking Xmas dinner (Converted Propane Smoker)

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Dec 25, 2010
Not a master of the grill by any means, but I am good at grilling. I am very good at making a beef brisket in the oven and am ready to take the next step and slow smoke one.

I have a Brinkman 4 burner gas grill, added a temp gauge, and am going to use it to smoke for Xmas dinner tomorrow (family coming in late so eating on the 26th)

I have a cast iron wood box and hickory wood chips. I was planning on lighting the far left burner with the wood box and putting the meats on the right side.

Money was an issue this year so please don't knock me for using a converter gas grill...I actually won it last year.

Smoking 11 lb brisket, whole young chicken, and 4 turkey legs. Any tips, advice, etc?

From time tables I have found it looks like I smoke the brisket for about 18 hours at 225 and the chicken and turkey for 4 hours at 250.

Does this sound right? How long should I smoke the brisket at 225 if the last 4 hours will be at 250?
Brother I ain't knocking nobody,I completely understand the money situation.this could work ok,do you have a meat probe thermometer,doesn't have to be fancy,just fairly may have to rotate the meat around and keep checking on it,use the probe in the smaller pieces first until they are done,then swap over to the beef,the chicken should be checked in the breast,165-170 degrees internal.seasonings are endless.this may not take as long as you think.that's why I would keep check on the internal temps.rotate and possibly baste is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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