Nice weather so Ribs, Brisket, Tallow & Fattie

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Aug 15, 2016
In Ohio, it has been lots of rain and wind lately so no smoking. It was nice this weekend been active on the smoker. Did two racks of ribs to compare a new butcher and local grocery store with corn on the cob for dinner Saturday. 3 - 2- 1 method with new rub recipe. Butchers ribs won the rib off. The grocery store ribs separated

While cooking the ribs, I was at Costco who had choice packer briskets at $2.79 a lb. I bought a 7.5 packer for $21. Threw it on right after the ribs were done w mustard base + bone doctor spice blend + small amount of leftover Jeffs Texas rub .

Made a fattie with sweet sausage, red onions, pepper jack, cooked bacon, bone doctor spice blend and g Hughes sugar free bbq.

I am also making beef tallow from the brisket trimmings.

Brisket is being pulled at 203 (looking to finish around 17-18 hours cook) & fattie at 165. Pics to follow beyond this ribs shot.

Using Grilla chimp at 225 degrees with Costco pellets with a Fat Heads head shrinker imperial IPA to pass the time.


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eating the fattie which is delicious. Brisket for dinner as it's resting in butcher paper in a cooler w towels. The tallow will be used in future cooking


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