newer model 40" digital thermometer issues

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Nov 21, 2013
I've finally sent an email for customer support, but thought I'd toss out my issue and see if anyone has experienced the same. I initially thought this was an issue with the wall outlet, but keeps coming back to haunt me:

If I try to smoke two days in a row, the internal meter thinks it's already hot inside the unit. I smoked for a few hours last night, did a full temp burn off this morning, and now trying to start the day's smoke. The unit thinks it's 300 degrees inside, so of course it won't start heating up. My maverick says it's 40 degrees inside the unit, and that sounds about right, since I let it set for an hour with the door opened after doing a full heat earlier to clean things up. This has happened every weekend, but confused what I could do to fix it. Usually it's a smoke on Saturday, and come Sunday it wants to act weird. It's about 20 degrees outside, and just holding my breath that things will get better today......................
Do you leave it plugged in? The controller resets when you remove power. Just a guess here...JJ
Controller issues with the MES gen 2 ???  Noooo.  Get in line, pal.  It stretches way around the corner.


CS for masterbuilt will hopefully send you a new controller.  Be sure they send you the matching remote cause chances are you won't be able to sync the old remote with the new controller.  Come to think of it, if JJ's reset fix doesn't work it may be the remote.  Pull the batteries.  In either case get a new controller even if the reset works because chances are the controller will fail in other areas too, if its already giving you trouble.
I don't leave it plugged in, it gets cover up after I'm done smoking. It does sit outside, if that matters. Customer support replied this morning, suggested I put a pan of hot water inside to get it warmed up, stated that the electronics don't like cold temps. Got home, tossed a pan of boiling water inside, reached almost 100 degrees inside. The controller thought it was only 245 inside, so I was able to at least get the heating started, but not having much luck getting it to fully heat up yet...............The also asked if I use an extension chord. I do, but it's not like it gets hot, it's only a 15 amp outlet, and if that wasn't enough it surely would have thrown a breaker by now.

I sure hope if they send replacement parts, that it's an easy fix. I'd really hate to box this thing back up again to have it returned. Cool smoker, but beginning to wonder if it's worth the trouble if I can't leave it on my porch........
Well, I've given up with customer service and what I have. They've not replied to my feedback on their suggestions. I'm doing an exchange with Amazon and going to try with a whole new unit. I like the idea of the convenience of an electric smoker, but it's gonna have to get better than this..............Should have a new one Friday, and start all over this weekend. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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