Newer MES and the amazen box

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Nov 21, 2013
I'm going to step forward and help the new folks out. I've NOT had good luck with this combination. The pellets don't stay lit, period. I've tried different brands of pellets, no liquid in the smoker, and foil over the pellets to keep them from being hit with droppings. I read all these raves about the amazen, but after 3 attempts, I'm just left with a $40 perforated box and 20# of pellets waiting for another use. I'd be happy to sell the box for $20 and shipping at this point.....
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I'll add my experience as well to possibly help others out.  I ordered an AMNPS (or whatever the acronym is) and Todd emailed me to tell me that it probably wouldn't work well at my elevation and talked me into ordering one of his 12" tubes instead.  I went ahead and ordered based on his advice and upon arriving I promptly fired it up to smoke a pork shoulder overnight.  I was surprised to see that at one point waking up at night the temp of my smoker had increased some 100deg over where I set it and the tube had basically flared up & caused my temps to sky rocket.  I emailed Todd several times over several weeks about the issue and have yet to receive a response.  I have to admit that I'm not very happy as I spent about $50 (pellets as well) for this setup with the expressed use of being able to smoke overnight w/o having to get up every 30min to add smoke chips.  I have read nothing but positive things from this company and had even ordered a couple of previous orders from them that went off w/o a hitch but I'm upset by my customer service or lack thereof when I actually had an issue.  Maybe others have had good experiences but I can't in good conscience recommend them to anyone else since I'm basically out $50 w/o any form of resolution nor anyone even returning my attempts to contact in an effort to offer resolution of some sort.  If I was anyone reading this considering an AMNPS or any of their similar pellet devices I would strongly urge you to keep your money and keep using chips.  
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