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    HI my name is Levi. I'm from KC missouri, I am looking at buying a Mak 2 star. A couple of questions i have before my purchase are, does it fire up quickly. How long til its ready for say steaks at 500 or maybe smoking at 225. And then does it hold it temperature accurately. Any accessories you would recommend? One last question for you personally do you think the WiFi is worth it yes or no and why? I realize weather wind etc play a roll in my questions, but as a general rule, how would you answer those questions. Thanks in advance!

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    [​IMG]  to SMF, Levi!

    Glad to have you aboard!

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    The Mak2 is a serious grill for some serious money!
    The fact that it is back ordered because of the demand, leads me to believe it is a great pellet grill.
    From what I researched, the rating is five star..
    But you should contact the manufacturer to find out the specs about how long it takes to reach "searing temp"
    Do you reading before you buy..
    Hell if I had that kind of change laying around I would have a 36" hybrid Lang on order!!!
    But that's just me!!!

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