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Original poster
Jun 6, 2006
Waxahachie, Texas
I'm new to smoking and just wanting to introduce myself. I'm from Waxahachie, Texas and just had my first experience with smoking. In spite of my mess ups, I'm not going give up.
Way to go, Jimfred! Welcome to the greatest forum on smoking meat going! Hang around here and read through the threads. There is a virtual library of information here. And by all means sign up for Jeff's five day smoking course! It is worth a million bucks and he gives it up for free.
Welcome jimfred,
I agree Jeffs five day course is a great help, if you have had some troubles. Feel free to ask any question everyone here is very friendly and willing to help. Odds are if it can be smoked someone here has done it, or at least thought about it!!!!!
welcome jimfred

keep getting all this great free advice on this board and you'll be a pitmaster in no time.
Welcome to SMF Jimfred. just remember that we where all newbies too and have had and still do have our share of goof-ups, but smoking meats is also about learning and trying new ideas and improving on what we already know. Let us know what problems you experience so we can help you through it and let us know too about you successes. And if you want to post a pix to show it off, well that's fine too-cuz we love pictures! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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