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Feb 26, 2011
:grilling_smilie:I need help! Buying my first smoker in many years. Had a vertical but want a horizontal with wheels. I want to stay below $600 but can go higher. Want to use both wood & charcoal. Gas option would be nice but not necessary. My Number One main concern is regulating the tempature with ease. Don't want to have to babysit. I reviewed all the smokers on this website and am STILL undecided so I tought I'd cry out for help. Any suggestions?
There are a lot of Lang owners here, they all swear by them. Check out the Lang website. They have a new patio model for $850 plus shipping. If your not too far from Ga. it might be worth your while to pick one up & save the shipping. Here's the Lang website. Let us know what you decide.
depending on where you are in the country will make a big difference as you may end up with $600 in shipping on some pits.

I used Bellfab in Tulsa OK, custom smokers built one at a time, dual racks standard, fully welded, nice ash dump, he will do most options for free and offers thicker pipe if you want it, something very few pit builders will do for you anymore.

20 x 36 with 20 x 20 sfb out of 5/16 steel for $500 last I knew, one guy shipped on from tulsa to chicago for under $200.

His 5/16 steel 24 x 48 with 24 x 24 sfb was only $800 last I heard
 For one, your budget is to low for what you want. Plus you say you don't want to baby sit the smoker, that reads 22" Weber smokey Mountain. Offsets will be harder to maintain temps and do require you attention.

I gotta agree with Rick on the WSM. I have one & these things hold even temps under almost any condition. There is a learning curve, but after a few smokes you can get them set & sleep all night & they will still be within 10 degrees of what they were when you hit the sack.
I also agree with RickW. If you want one that requires little attention then I would say the WSM. Good heavy duty horizontals will cost quite a bit more. I purchased a Yoder Wichita model horizontal smoker about a year ago and haven't regretted the decision. It will last a lifetime. But it was pricey.
Maddmims,welcome to the forum.  I have a bigger back yard smoker,I like the babysitting thing,but realize some don't
  however each to his own.Hope you enjoy it here and may I be the first to say,
I have to agree with the others here.  If you don't want to tend the smoker, the horizontal is not your best bet.  You might be looking at a UDS, WSM, or a gas or electric solution.
I'm going to agree with everyone else.  I have 2 horizontal smokers (Brinkmann offset and a custom built out of a 250 gal propane tank) and 1 vertical smoker (ECB).  I don't have to babysit my big on too much because I have it tuned pretty good.  But my little one I do.  I'm always keeping an eye on it.  But my ECB, all I do is throw in some charcoal, couple of chunks of apple wood and let it rip for a few hours and then come back and see that its still where it should be. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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