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  1. Was reading bearcarver's  rib thread

    would like to know what this means

    ~~Note: I decided on "2.5-2.5-1", because when I use 3-2-1, I never get Fall Off The Bone.
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    it refers to time in the smoker. 2.5 hours in, then foiled with some juice or sauce and in for another 2.5 hours, then out of the foil and back in for another 1 hour. You will often see this method referred to as 3-2-1 for a total cook time of 6 hours. But, it's a guideline which many adjust to their own particular tastes of 'fall off the bone tender' or 'ribs with a bit of tug to them' etc. The general rule for Baby Backs is 2-2-1 but again....a guideline only.....use the search bar and type in 3-2-1 and many posts will pop up with q-vue pictures for ideas.....Willie
  3. Thank you Willie
  4. Baby back I also do the 2-2-1 but for spare ribs I do 2-3-1 . I think the extra time in the foil makes them break down more and fall off the bone good.
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    As Chef Willie said, it refers to time in hours but it's only a guide. For me, following the 3-2-1 for spare ribs has always worked out great. I keep my temps pretty tight around 225°F throughout the smoke and believe is the reason why this method works consistently.

    Baby back ribs vary more in thickness thus, requiring adjustments to the 2-2-1 method mostly by adding time in order to have them smoke/cook the way I like 'em. Good luck and enjoy both the process and the results! 

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  6. Yup those guys have you covered  [​IMG]   I'll just add that if you are looking for a little "tug" cut back a bit on the time in the foil...

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