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    I just bought and picked up my first MES 30 1st gen smoker. I also bought the Amnps to go with it and also the maverick 733 temp probe. I would appreciate any advice on how to use these items and how to season the new smoker.

  2. To season it get it up as high as it will go then let it run for a couple of hours. this would be a good time to check temps at different places in the MES and take a few notes. More than likely the set temp is off. Take some notes. After a couple of hour throw some smoke at it for a couple of hours. This is still a good time to be learning what the smoker is doing. You can cub it with some oil before you add the smoke if you like.

    You can put the AMNPS in the MES and season it at the same time.

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    Happy smoken.


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