Newbie looking for vacuum sealer recommendations

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May 30, 2020
Hello dear members. I am really new here and lately I am tempted to try something different. I would like to vacuum seal my brisket but I never have done before and I don’t know what most of you use and what kind/size of bag you use to seal a whole brisket ? Furthermore, what is the best method to reheat ? Thanks for all info and happy smoking to you all
SV would be my way to reheat, perfect temp and no moisture lost. there's a wide choice on vac sealers, when you get past $150 I don't have a clue, been running a automatic from food saver, I like that I don't have to lock a bar down with 1 hand while I control the bag. the downfall is the sealing bar gets hot after a few seals and it takes a minute to cool down, this doesn't normally present a problem unless i'm processing a deer, when I do it outside in cool weather it never slows down and It seems to pull a deeper vac in the cold air
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About the same here. Things cooked that I vac sealed almost always reheated in SV hot tub. Comes almost same as first cook. Also vac seal a lot of raw meat with seasonings or marinade I intend to SV.

I use an LEM 1379 MaxVac 100, got for $62 on Amazon. Has worked great, with 8” and 11” roll stock. Usually only sealing a handful of bags at a time, no overheating issues.
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