newbie in Tulsa

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Original poster
May 27, 2006
Tulsa, Oklahoma
My husband and I got a smoker today. Nothing fancy. It's a Char-Broil upright electric water smoker. Just starting out. Would appreciate any tips and/or ideas, since neither of us have ever smoked anything before.

We live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Welcome wkenton, you will find lots of help and ideas on this sight. Lots of friendly folks will answer any questions that you may have. I sugest that you take Jeff's smoking meat course as a starter.
Again welcome.

yo wkenton dude and dudette.

your in the big boss's home town.
[tulsa jeff]

i use the same model you have.
it gives me fantastic results.

THE first thing you need is a digital instant read thermometer
check meat temps to cook safely and thoroughly

use the high position on thermostat

i pre heat smoker for a hour before placing
chips and meat in smoker.

i put the smoking chips in aluminum pie pan
directly on burner.

i only put 3 quarts in water pan.

top rack gets a little hotter.

i use 2 pans of chips per smoke.
both pans are done by 3 hours..

cut meat and poultry and sausages take at least
3 to 4 hrs .

brisket and pork butt are easier than you might think. they are great

chicken and turkey are FABULOUS.

see my SOON TO BE FAMOUS chicken breast
curing and smoking thread.

i wrap in aluminum foil any thing that
goes over 4 hrs smoke time.

SLOW AND low is how this unit cooks.

my unit max temp is 246 degrees.
thats on summer day.

i put up wind break and got to 220 degrees in 25mph wind and
35 degree temp .

i hope this helps.

with the electic water smoker---
Well, I sure wish you guys were in Tulsa. I could use a hands-on lesson, as I am a blonde. :roll: I do okay with my charcoaler, but that's easy. I've never tackled anything like this before. Neither has my husband.

Looks like I came to the right spot for help with this.

I'd love to make something for tomorrow's celebration, but I am not sure if I can tackle it in time (or know what to make etc).
We'll see.
The only thing I am really good at is brownies. My brownies are so good! Everyone that tries them say they are the best they have ever eaten. (I'll give you my secret to that if you want.)

I am gonna do some more reading and see what I can come up with for tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe I can figure this thing out before too long.
Hi Wkenton, Umm brownies eh> would they be "Blonde Brownies"? <kidding>
Welcome to SMF, hope you find something soon to smoke!

Welcome to Smoking Meat Forum, wkenton. For starters, you may want to do a beer can chicken. They're relatively easy to do and you'll learn the quirks of your smoker. As mentioned by bluefrog, check out tulsajeff's Smoking Basics eCourse. If you have plenty of time, pork butts are really forgiving for a beginner and I haven't had anyone turn down my pulled pork sandwiches yet!

Welcome...I too am new to this site and to snoking..
You can count on getting all the help you need here..great bunch here..

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