Newbie from ND

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broken oar

Original poster
Dec 29, 2006
Hello fellow smokers. I'm Clay from Bismarck North Dakota. I was lucky enough to recive a Master Built electric smoker as a Christmas gift from my Mother-in-law. She's a great lady. I am new to smoking and am just starting to learn. I tryed a couple FATTYS last night. They weren't that great - way to dry. I think I smoked them to long (3 hrs?). My true love is Walleye fishing but I can't do that ALL the time so I hope smoking will be my second love. I just found this forum Tues. the 26th. I snooped around a bit and decided to join - looking forward to learning from you all.
My your mug always be full in the new year.
Broken Oar
Welcome Broken Oar!!

I think you will enjoy it here. I've found a wealth of info in this group.

I'm bettin' you did smoke the fatties too long or your temps a bit high. I have smoked a couple since finding this place and they turned out great. I kept my heat at 225 f. You could check with a meat thermometer - I wanna say 160 f internal. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.


Go Fish
Yah - it gets cold up here but it keeps the riff raff out. It's been in the 30s and 40s most of the winter so far - mild for ND.
My MB is new but there is no vent on the top. I saw a post in electric smokers about adding a top vent. I may do that. It's a kool little smoker - vent or no vent. I just hope I can learn to smoke some decent ribs with it.
Broken Oar
Welcome to SMF Broken Oar!!! Glad you joined right up instead of sneaking around in the shadows. ;) Be sure and sign up for TulsaJeff's 5-day eCourse if you have not already done so.
Thanks for the welcomes - guys.

GoFish - I had the water pan about 3/4 full and added about 5 chips of hickory every 30mins. I had the temp set a 225. I think 3 hrs was just to long. I have since purchased a didgital meat thermometer and will pay more attention to meat temp than time for my next smoke. I plan to attempt baby back ribs with mapel chips on New Years day. Will use the 3-2-1 method but will back time off to 2-1.5-1 and take the meat temp to 160 - 165.

Illini - I have been to the electric smoker thread and have foud it very helpful. Thanks for the info. It's snowing big time here today so looking for a project. I think I will do your top vent and door latch mod.
Have a great day
Broken Oar
welcome aboard I am also from ND. Larimore which is about 30 miles west of Grand Forks on Highway 2. I have had a charcoal smoker for a couple of years and just got a gasser for Christmas. I am now smoking a couple of pork butts on my gasser {first one) I have used my charcoal one a number of times and love it. A great site is the Virtual Weber Bullet site. Just type it in and you should get the site. It is also loaded with a ton of information. I have benifited greatly from these sites. Everyone is very helpful. Hope you enjoy this great hobby.
Broken Oar, welcome to SMF. Sounds like you did oversmoke those fatties. I very seldom smoke mine longer the 1 1/2 hours and sometime not even that long. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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