New Years Smoke W/Qview edited in more pics

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Dec 29, 2010
Lexington SC
Got out the GOSM this morning and fired it up around noon. This is what is out there as I type this.

If your Photos are in your Album how do you post more than one? Do you have to use a picture hosting site?

This is all new to me.

I have never used the albums in SMF. I always use photobucket or just load them right from my computer but I like using photobucket that way my pictures are all saved somewhere and not on my computer.
Ok lets try this with photobucket

This is what I started with


Ribs Rub'd


Put the ribs in first hope to get them done before wife leaves for work


Butts before Rub


These rub'd out nice


Everything in  


Buttoned up any workin its magic


Thats what I'm doing today...
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Ribs came out great....butts are coming along fine too.



They smell and taste wonderful...and they are all gone. Sent three slabs for wife and her work friends and I wasted no time with the 4th.

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So let me ask this now before it gets too 165 I should wrap the butts in foil and  hold out for 200 - 210 and wrap them and place in a cooler for an hour or so. Good plan?

Is the foil optional or a must do?
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Yes you can wrap at 165 and take it to 200º-205º for pulling. If you want to slice, foil at 165º as usual and pull at 190º. Hope this helps.....
Man this has been a fun smoke. Heres a note to self....make sure you have spare batteries so you don't have to scramble at 3am to find some that will keep the thermometers working. Finished up the Butts at about 4:30am I think they turned out well. The wife says I go to big with the rub. We'll find a happy median next time.


Here they are all pulled and ready for sauce. The one on the left has more of the outside. The one on the right is more meat from the center. Maybe thats the happy median we are looking for.


So next smoke....Less rub.....Less white smoke. Looking for the TBS I really never knew there was such an art to doing this, I have learned a lot just looking around. I use to just toss it in and make smoke and hope for the best, There's much more to it than that. Thanks for all who have posted there wisdom here for all to see. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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