New WSM loses virginity today to a butt & fatty!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bloatz, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Firing up my new WSM today for the 1st time! [​IMG]

    a little too much fuel at 1st, had to remove some coals & a chunk so it wouldn't be pushing on the water pan.
  2. smokinal

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    It looks good so far, what happened next?
  3. realtorterry

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    WOW now that's alot of chunks on top friend! Mine always catch fire if I did that?
  4. tyotrain

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    Looking good so far.. [​IMG]
  5. Any shots of the meat?
  6. Sorry for the lateness of this QView update: Conducted the smoke on Sunday and was hoping to give a play by play, but the Mod had .to approve my thread it seems, which didn't happen until Monday sometime ...... Anyway on with Q


    Butt hitting WSM....


    Above: @ 4 Hours
  7. Next up was a Fatty : (Hot & Mild Sausage mixed, Colby Jack cheese, Portabella Shrooms,  Green Peppers, Onion, Garlic)


  8. [​IMG]

    Nice Smoke Ring......

  9. bluebombersfan

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    Wow waiting for my new smoker to come in the mail.  Can't wait to get something like that going in my back yard!!!!
  10. Butt pulled at 196, wrapped, and placed in oven to cool for 2 hours....


    and finally the results:

  11. looks really good man! I would definitely go a little lighter on the chunks and charcoal to start but it looks like you hit this first round out of the park.
  12. I cannot begin to say just how thrilled i am with the WSM !!!  Been using a Chargriller for 2 years, and the difference was night & day!!! The WSM ran over 12 hours on 1 load of fuel and i really didn't have to touch it... steady as she goes!!! 
  13. figjam

    figjam Meat Mopper

    Very nice.  Did you use water in the water pan or sand?
  14. just good ol' hot tap water
  15. jirodriguez

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    Grats! Nice first run on the WSM! [​IMG]

    Yeah I felt almost like I was cheating when I switched from my Char-griller to my WSM.... lol. It's nice to be able to toss a butt or brisket on at midnight, go to bed about 1:00 AM, get up at 7:00 AM and it's still running rock steady right where you left it! One tip for you... burry the wood in the charcoal as you fill the ring, it will keep it from just busting into flame and burning up fast (which also causes a temp. spike). The burried wood will just sit there and smoke nicely for several hours, especially those bigger chunks.
  16. nwdave

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    What a way to bust a cherry!!!!  A question for the WSM gurus:  Is the size of the wood chunk bloatz show's in his picture about right?  I always keep reading that you want "fist-sized" chunks and to me that's a very subjective measurement.
  17. just my opinion but that is about as big a chunk as i would want to put in mine but I would probably only use 2 at a time. I usually use chunks that are between the size of a large orange and a grapefruit and typically use 2 chunks every 3-4 hours or so. When the pieces are too big its hard to squeeze them under the water pan and onto the hot coals without really agitating your fire.
  18. rp ribking

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    Bloatz, Looks really good, pork looks really juicy and the fatty looks good too.

    So you did not foil at all during the smoke? How long did it take to smoke the butt? 

  19. jirodriguez

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    I just buy the bags they sell at Lowes or Home Depot and most of the stuff in them is between a golf ball and a baseball in size.
  20. I didn't foil the butt while smoking, let it ride without turning or flipping, mopped it down with some apple juice/bourbon mix. Took about 10 1/2 to get to 196 internal...

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