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Oct 18, 2006
I would like to smoke a turkey on an inherited horizontal smoker. It is like an oil drum on its side with a smoke stack. I am concerned about how to keep coals far enough from the meat, maintaining the proper temp, wether to use a pan of water, do I need a stand for the turkey, basically, well, EVERYTHING!!!!
Any help will be greatly apreciated ;-)
Many thanks, Heidi King
when i used one of that style i just didnt use a lot of charcoal and made sure it was as far left as i could get it and i had my meat on the right. it wont be direct heat so you should be good. a lot of grill users are doing this too. just lighting up one side burner and throwing wood chips in foil and cooking that way.

you will need a therm, i use the maveric readi temp digital, it has two sensors one for the grilling temp and one for the food. when your temp starts to drop just add a few more coals, if it gets too hot i use water and a spray bottle to dampen the heat of the coals.

i dont think it is too important to have a stand for it. it might be nice but i have smoked chickens before just laying there and they turned out just fine.

im not really sure what the pan of water would do but maybe steam a little and help keep things moist. i never used on on my grill.
Hi Heidi.
You should try a beer can turkey! I have been doing birds using this method for a while now. The results are incredible! It will take a 10-12 pound bird, a can of Fosters (the big one) and a good rub. Interested?
This is more of a grilling method but it does utilize smoke, I soak chips and wrap them in foil, adding them during cooking.
I have a book of great recipes using this method. If you are interested in more info contact me.

Dale from New Hampshire
I use a water pan under my bird. I have done them both standing and laying down. Both work great with the water pan. It does add moisture. During the last 30 minutes or so, move the bird off the pan and near the fire. That will "crisp" up the skin. You will have to rotate the bird a couple of times to crisp it up all the way around.

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