New to smoking...Masterbuilt 2 door Propane Smoker

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Mar 20, 2014
My dad and I just got the Masterbuilt 2 door propane smoker.  We have smoked things before using a Weber but decided to get a new one.  We are looking to smoke a turkey this weekend.  My questions are this:  What temperature would you recommend cooking the turkey at?  What type of wood?  Should we use charcoal and wood chips?  Once the chips are burning and smoking do I turn off the propane completely or turn it down to low?  I tried looking online at videos but nothing is mentioned and Masterbuilt does not have it on their website.  Sorry for the rambling.  Hoping for answers.
CW- you don't need to use charcoal in a propane smoker- the propane is your heat source and the wood chips or chunks provides your smoke. Here is an article that TulsaJeff wrote on using a Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain Smoker (GOSM); It can be applied to just about any type of gas burner.

As for the turkey, smoke it at temps around 300°-325°, this will also help you crisp up the skin. Poultry doesn't benefit from "low and slow" so that's way the higher temps are recommended. I like to smoke poultry using a combination of fruit woods or fruit wood and pecan. Hickory is good also but I go light with the smoke.
Also, we recommend that if you're smoking a whole bird, try to find one that is 12 lbs or less. You can go with a larger bird, but only if you spatchcock it (remove the backbone and press it flat) Here is a post showing a spatchcocked bird:

Thanks so much.  very helpful.  Really appreciate it.
Glad to have helped. Let us know how it goes and post up some q-view! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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