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Feb 8, 2014
Hello, I am from IL across the river from STL, MO. I have been smoking meat for about ten years. I have had 2 Charbroil offset smokers that were leaky fuel hogs, but used mods and turned out some great food...eventually. The first time I tried smoking meat, I had no clue, it was chicken breast and the finished product was inedible; this is how I learned about too much smoke is bad and boneless chicken breast is not the best selection of meat to smoke. Not once did I think to search internet for help. I am happy to say I was able to pick it up over time, and it has been an awesome journey. I now use a Weber kettle grill for most of my cooks. I went to Sikeston, MO to get my custom smoker trailer built, it's a rotisserie with 4 12"x5' shelves, a warming box, and a charcoal grill, also some storage. Heartland Cookers made it to my specs, and it is glorious. Looking forward to getting to know this site and all of you.

Here are some pictures of my cooker:,,
Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   
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Mopardog.....:droolFrom on newbie to another, WELCOME!!

Love your trailer smoker setup!! The rotisserie is a very nice addition! Thats pretty awesome!! :drool
Thanks, this site is truly amazing and very large. I love the recipes, but I really love all the smoker builds. I would like to build a small reverse flow backyard smoker out of an old propane tank I got but didn't know how. This site has the formula and all the answers, I love it. Thanks again, so happy I signed up. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.