New to sausage making...

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Buckshot Bob

Original poster
Dec 11, 2018
Marne, Mich
Hi All
New member, 1st post! I have been reading all the threads here for a while but decided to sign up to ask some questions once in a while. A little background on me..
Im 53 and have been deer hunting since I could. I have been processing all my own deer and others since about 17. I have smoked meats and fish for a long time. Ive always had a grinder and have ground alot of venison for burger but have always taken my meat in to get summer sausage and such done. Ive been wanting to do it myself for years but just never got around to it. Im ready now to take the dive in!! Just bought a new grinder and 5lb sausage stuffer. I have 3 smokers but they are all charcoal so Im going to buy a digital smoker here soon so I can reg temps better. Does someone have a suggestion for a fairly inexpensive smoker ($200) or so, that they really like? Im still researching temps & time yet so, so I know I have alot to learn yet. I do have 3 Hi Mountain kits I bought a while back. Summer, Spicy beer brats and Snack sticks. Are these decent to get started with? Looking forward to my new venture! Thx.

A Masterbuilt electric 30 inch is probably the best for close to your price bracket, these forums are loaded with knowledge on them, and Masterbuilt has great customer support to boot!

Hi Mountain is alright, but you can also make your blend fairly cheaply when you determine what it is you like.

Two websites that also offer blends of spices etc. I like to make my own, but I only do maybe 5-8 pounds every two months. I hope you enjoy the art of sausage making though :)
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