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Original poster
Feb 26, 2006
Hi all, I was a professional butcher and sausage maker for ten years. I had a shop and all the equipment. Last spring I sold most of my stuff (including my smoker) and am starting from scratch. I built a smokehouse for cold smoking and want to try more traditional smoking methods.

I still butcher my own stock and do all the curing and smoking myself. I hope I learn a lot from this site. There seems to be a wealth of knowledge here.
Welcome, Pigsticker! How right you are! There is a wealth of knowledge here. And it appears to me that you have just added a great deal of depth to that knowledge base. I sincerely hope you will enjoy our little piece of Smoker's Heaven. So set a spell and get comfy! You're one of us now!

And don't forget our sister site! Extreme Home Gardening! Good and good for ya!
Howdy pigsticker. Sounds like you have plenty to offer here as well. 8) Look forward to hearing more.
Welcome pigsticker. I hope you enjoy this forum, I know I have from the short time I've been here. All the different information shared here is wonderful and top notch.
Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums pigsticker! Like Monty said it's nice to have new members add to our well of knowledge. I too was involved in Meat industry as a butcher/meatcutter. We also ran a couple of smokehoused and cured and smoked ham and bacon.
Welcome Pigstickr,

You'll find a ton of info and frriendly folks eager to answer any questions or provide advice. Good to have you on board. With your background, I'm looking forward to tapping your knowledge base on the subject of meats.

Hey there Pigsticker,sounds like you and I have a lot in common.Ive been making sausage and smoking hams and bacons for several years now.Id be interested in hearing about your methods and tricks.Welcome ,David
Thanks for the welcome folks. I will certainly be happy to help out if I can but I'm here to learn more than anything. I've been doing some reading on this site and am trying to put some of what I've read to practice.
Welcome PigSticker.....glad to have you among us, remember if ya got a question please set in a post and Im sure someone will get back to ya shortly. Again welcome,
Welcome PigSticker, Sounds like we can learn lots from you! Like you I'm here to expand my interests in the art of smoking. My next step......sausage making, especially dry sausages (beginner here).

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