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  1. Hello all, I have smoked a few tri tips, with success, since i got my new smoker a year ago. (Brinkmann Trailmaster with custom improvements) I will post more of that in the apropriate area.

    So, today...i am smoking a bone-in, wild boar leg. Shod turn out good, and ill post the good and bad here. This hog (the one in my profile), was eating my bro-in-laws chicken feed for a few months, so its been eating GREAT!!! We have been wanting to get a hog on his property for a couple years now, finallt happened.

    Here are some pics:

    post the results later on. =D
  2. Bark recipie on, looking good...

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    That's looking great!
  4. Thank you...i have imaginings, but this is my first hind quarter with bone in. i hope its nice and moist.
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    How did it turn out?

  6. Al, (and others)

    I learned alot about my smoker and methods. It came out done, nice smoke ring, but...a hind quarter has alot of connective tissue, that needs more inner temp heat to break down. I am not sure of my smokers temp gauge, since it is stock. Also, should have had the leg on the top shelf of smoker from the start. Had trouble keeping temp up (from what gauge read), and the charcoal bowl that came with my smoker needs to go. Also, need to add another lower air intake, to burn coals evenly. I also started the meat too early, smoker had not made it to TBS yet. So...its edible, but not optimal. First time doing a hind quarter, and searching here and my own experience, will prove helpful, going forward.

    Thanks for the prompting Al, i was just in the man cave thinking about how i can do better on the other leg. =D


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