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Gonna Smoke

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Sep 19, 2018
South Carolina
Enabler alert...😂

So I use a spare bedroom as my mancave/cooking room/pantry. I built shelves in the closet to store my spices and other items for cooking, turned it into kind of a pantry...

I have a fold out table in the room where I keep my slicer, grinder and parts, stuffer, along with some other miscellaneous items. Problem is the slicer is heavy and really a pain to carry out to the kitchen to use. Plus, I'm getting too old to be carrying that thing around. The grinder is somewhat easier, but still I figured there was a better way. So after reading a post here this week where someone is using a roll around table for a chamber sealer, the lightbulb came on and off to Amazon to see what I could come up with and here's what I got...

Now I can leave my slicer, grinder, and parts on it all the time. Roll it into the kitchen next to the island and work off of it...


Roll it back into the room when done...

It has 2 lockable wheels to help keep it from moving. This is the 36" wide table, but they also offer a 48" and a 60". After getting it and putting it together, the 48" may have been a better choice, but this will do. Another selling feature for me was it is listed at 36" high which is the height of my island. Well, it's actually closer to 39" high which I'm not sure I like just yet. I'll use it as is and if I want to lower it, I'll cut a couple of inches off the legs.

Never mind Bailey, that's 1 of 3 beds he has throughout the house. He follows me around and will lay in the nearest bed...😄
Nice Charles. I want to get a couple tables like that sooner or later. On one I want to put the Smokin Tex
Thanks Justin. Lucy just stays at my feet all the time...

Had a lab named Taz… and that was her… I’d dang near trip over her… she passed at 12 years old… that’s been 5+ years ago! But I still miss her to this day!
Had a lab named Taz… and that was her… I’d dang near trip over her… she passed at 12 years old… that’s been 5+ years ago! But I still miss her to this day!
That's Lucy, always in the way...😄, but I wouldn't have it any other way. She's 4, Bailey turned 11 this past January...
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It’s all about working smarter not harder. And the days of me showing my manliness by how much I can carry are long gone! Love the man cave/store room!
Zeke the wonder dog is much like Bailey….i can’t take a step without him being there.

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