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Apr 18, 2012
hoople, nd
Anyone try the new steak, the Vegas Strip Steak. These new steaks they find, or claim to find will never be here. Some places around here are finally getting Tri-Tips and Flat Iron steaks out there. Haven't tried either one yet may e this summer. If I remember right the one place has started selling Flank Steaks. I guess I need to find a butcher that knows something about cutting meat, not the box or bag the meat comes in.
I have never heard of the Vegas Strip Steak cut but I saw you mention Flat Iron. I love those things and you really can't beat the price. They are always a tender cut of meat when I grill one. 
The guy who found the Vegas Strip steak found the Flat Iron. Some more steaks are the Cap steak, the Denver Cut, the Baseball steak, and the Hanger steak. All of which maybe i might see around here one day.
The Vegas steak is one half of the flat iron steak, splitting it in half along the tough center line of gristle in the center of it; just re-merchandising it.  

Beef Flat Iron Roast:

Beef Flat Iron Steaks:

From where the Vegas Strip Steak comes from:

As a whole piece, you seam out the center grizzle and divide the whole flat iron stack into two strips, trimmed out lean.

The flat iron roast untrimmed:

Beef Vegas strips trimmed:

Beef Vegas steak squared off:

Yes, Tony Mata, who made the Flat Iron Steak popular, just cut the gristle out of the middle, making the roast into two flat steaks and called them the Vegas Strip Steak!  It is called re-merchandising!
1)  Beef Hanger Steak - an extension of the diaphram muscle often "hanging" off the hindquarter along side the kidney suet.

2)  Probably every meat cutter in the world has done this before, as the flat iron steak, with the center gristle, is a hard-to-sell steak even though it is very palatable otherwise, just looks bad, and it is easy to try to re-merch it any way possible other than bringing them back and grinding them after 2 or 3 days out in the case.  But, when the meat science guy with the Ph.D. does it, it makes news! lol!
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Rib Eye Cap Steak:

There is the Rib Cap also, the outer layer of a rib steak.  As beef is grown to larger sizes, to reduce package price the rib cap can be trimmed off and sold separately as it's own steak.
Pops, you almost make me wish I was still a butcher. . .almost :biggrin:
the vegas steak is what we call the flat iron,where the two sides are cut  like your filleting  a fish, when we cut the blade with the grizzle in the middle we call them chicken steaks, it's all the same just different names around the country.just like the top cap, we call them steakhouse's amazing all the different names for the same piece of meat.flat irons are in my mind the best steak there is,i would take them over delmonico,strip and even fillet mignon,do yourself a favor and try them. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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