New Smoker, No instructions

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Original poster
Apr 30, 2007
Just registered, Just found this site while looking for instructions for my new smoker. I purchased a smoker from Sam's Club about 2 months ago. I believe it is made by Grand Hall. Do any of you have information for this type of smoker? Or how about any experience with a Grand Hall/ Members Mark? I have the snoker and nothing else. No paperwork or instructions of any kind. I am contemplating returning it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hello and welcome to SMF....drop by the roll call forum and introduce yourself so everyone can give you a proper welcome :) ....did you try googling that make and model ? sometimes you can find complete prints and pics on set ups of most any model,might be a good start ?
Hi, I have tried on yahoo but will go to google next. I have an e-mail sent to what I think is the distributor for the Grand Hall brand but have not heard back from them yet. And thanks for the welcome. I have to split for tonight but will look for the roll call forum tomorrow and introduce myself. From what I have read so far you all seem like a great bunch and I think I can probably do some smoking without the darn instructions. Seems like there is enough experience here to do it blindfolded maybe.
you can go to , once there you can put in your model# and parts that are missing along with the serial number and they can help you...

i believe that kenmore and grand hall are related somehow so if you have a kenmore dealer, they may be able to get you a owners manual

and welcome to SMF
Thanks for the advice. I was able to get the directions from Grandhall by giving them the model number and serial number.
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