New smoker from Colorado (Brisket pics)

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by cofi, Aug 12, 2015.

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    We bought this Oklahoma joes combo propane/charcoal grill/offset smoker back in March

    At the time my family hated "bbq" food all we had had was mushy sweet tasteless fair food stuff and my one experience with smoking was a bitter smoked turkey my dad made

    Anyway we fired this guy up (smoker side) I didn't do any research I threw in some Cornish hens had billowing clouds of white smoke coming out I thought it was gonna be awesome it wasn't it was bitter and tough and gross

    So much like pizza making I hit the Internet for help found these forums and have been lurking ever since I learned TBS is what you wanna see and a lot of tricks of the trade and those Cornish hens have been the only dud so far

    I'm at the point where friends are telling me I should be selling my brisket lol(I wish...) so that's a good sign

    we just finished a 14 hour smoke on this guy


    I think it came out pretty nice


    And we did burnt ends for the first time(omg it's like crack I didn't even take pictures)

    Anyway I look foward to learning more from you guys and just wanted to thank the community for many amazing meals

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