NEW OLP #41170 stainless for Christmas

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Dec 5, 2010
Spokane Washington
Hey guys,

alright got a new smoker for x-mas from costco and it is awesome! stainless steel gas smoker made by outdoor leisure products- excellent finish with racks that have sausage hooks and rib racks welded on a good size smoke box and good adjustment controls

love the looks and accessability of everything but was curious if any of you guys might have had some experience with this smoker and maybe some tips for a me to try out-

thanks in advance,

I picked up mine last spring and had a full smoking season on it.


I do ribs. I have much success. I might branch out this next season to other meats.


1) The Water Pan . You can buy foil insert at any dollar. It makes cleaning much easer


2) There is a balancing act between keep the temp low (230) and the woodbox hot enough to keep the chips smoking


3) I do not put ribs on the lowest rack setting. They seem to get burned.



1) I boil the water for waterpan. (Helps get the temp up quicker) 

2) I let the temp build up to 300+ before adding meat. (When you open door to add meat and the meat draws in heat. It drops down to 200! (Perfect) and they slowly rises to 230 as the meat sucks in the smoke and heat.

3) I add wood chips 15min before I add meet

4) I soak wood chips. Seems to help keep the flash point down. (Sometime if your temp is to hot the woodchips catch on fire and not smolder)




3)  All the juices and rub drain into the waterpan. It is like a natural marinating sauce. I take a ladle and (or turkey baster) place it into a bowl. Then quickly open the upper-door and mop the marinade back onto the meat.  

That is just a few items off the top of my head. Have any specfic questions??? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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