new MES 40, electrical outlet's fault?

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Nov 21, 2013
Got a 40" digital on Friday, did seasoning heat up Saturday morning. Let it cool down, and started to fill it up with yummy foods. It wouldn't stay on, would turn off once I set timer. Pulled the plug out of the bottom of the duplex receptacle, and placed in the top outlet. It ran fine for the next 5 or 6 hours. Sunday I loaded it with more food, and it wouldn't start heating up until I asked it to get to 240 degrees. If I went below that setting it would stop heating. Used my Maverick to verify temps for the day, if I set it at 260 the Maverick would say it was around 200 inside. It was about 40 degrees outside, so to get it to turn on the internal thermometer was off about 200 degrees?

I'm just looking to confirm my doubts: I think the wall receptacle is weak (is that a term used by electricians?), I know the bottom outlet is bad for sure. I can understand not working, but the temps being off that much just has me questioning if it's the smoker now. I'll dig in, hope to not burn something up, and change the receptacle this week. I'm no electrician, and not a firefighter either.............don't want to send the whole place up in smoke!
If you set or adjust the temps w/ the remote it will turn the unit off. All adjustments need to be made at display panel.
Masterbuilts are notorious for bad controllers that can't get within 35 to 45 degrees of set temp. Yours is just a little worse. Good ol' masterbuilt telling everyone they've worked all the problems out. I'd look at the smoker first before your house wiring. Might want to swap it out as if you're at 260 to get to 200 you only have 15 degrees leeway as the controller will only let you get to a set temp of 275. Unless to plan on cooking everything at 210 to 215.
I really don't understand these comments.  My MES 40 digital with glass front is a little over 2 years old.  It works great and the remote works fine except when the battery wears out which is not frequent.  Inside temp in mine tracks fairly close to a second oven thermometer which I use occasionally to compare and the internal meat thermometer tracks quite closely to another manual one when both are inserted into the cooking meat.  Temps in mine have been consistent from 25 degrees to about 95 degrees outside temp. That is one of the good things about the MES.  They are well insulated and sealed and work well even in cold weather.

My unit developed a problem about six months ago where the solenoid that turns the heater on was stuck in the closed position.  Whenever unit was plugged into the wall, power was applied to burner.  I pulled it apart and fixed that and haven't had the first problem since.  

If yours is a new unit I would plug it into a different socket and try it again. You might also try another high current device plugged into that house outlet to see if it will work with a 1000 - 1500 watt appliance. These things do pull a good bit of current so you have to have a good outlet for them.  I have used my MES 40 with a heavy duty 100' cord with no problems so if you have a heavy cord you can plug it into an outlet inside your house.  If you still have a problem the MES 40 should go back where you got it right away.  These things really are not rocket science, but there certainly are problems occasionally with the controllers and they don't design them for easy owner repairs. Good luck.
Me?? I'd get that back while it still looks newer & a refund before it's all greased up. New generation Mes 30's or 40's are having mucho problems with various things. Again, this just MY opinion....YMMV

I would be real leery of leaving a new MES unattended for hours while smoking a big butt or brisket
If yours is 2 years old you probably have the gen 1 mes. Those were great units. But the gen 2's are different electronics, a different interior design, chip fires, lousy air flow, temps up to 35 to 45 degrees off from set temp, etc etc etc. I know, I've had both models and I'd love to get my hands on a new gen . I went thru FOUR gen 2's in 7 months with different problems every week. Yeah, they got good customer service..... you need that when you not so good product. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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