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New MES 30 and a 8lb pork butt.


Joined Oct 5, 2012
I recently picked up a new MES 30 for a great price and I wanted to fire it up but have been pretty busy lately. I finally seasoned it yesterday then smoked an 8lb pork butt @ 225 for 5 hours to 160 internal temp, I then pulled it foiled it and put it back in the smoker @ 225 for another 4 hours until it was 190.

I used some mesquite chips because it was all I could get so late at night coupled with a rub recipe I found on here along with SoFlaQuer finishing sauce. It came out with a slightly smokier, sweeter flavor. but I must say that coupled with the finishing sauce its delicious you get the sweet and slightly spicy flavor. I didn't get a chance to get more pictures of the cooking/ rub process because my phone died while I was seasoning the smoker. So I have a pre-smoke picture and a picture of it pulled, enjoy the one Qview picture.

Seasoning @ 275, I must say this thing holds temps really well.

First smoke finished and pulled 10.5 hours later. Now I want to smoke everything.



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Looks great! It's making me hungry again.
I know what you mean about smoking everything. Try a fatty next, the meat type that is!


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Hey show, I see you have the older model gen 1 mes. That thing can put out some real good q. Glad you were able to get one instead of the gen2. Best of luck and happy smokin'.


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I have smoked allot with mesquite, I like it on most everything especially butt. Glad it turned out good for you.

Smokem if you gotem!



Joined Nov 13, 2013
If you have a Walmart by you they had a nice selection of wood chips. I was able to pickup some cherry, apple, hickory, and mesquite. Each bag cost $3.47 a bag, not bad at all. Just tried Jeff's turkey bacon butter for the office, huge success thanks Jeff.


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at my walmart they had a box with cherry, apple, mesquite, and hickory for about $15 if I recall correctly. before I got AMNPS I used this a lot. I don't really care for pure mesquite as it can be mighty pungent on long smokes. but I loved cutting it with apple and/or cherry. esp on butts.

I have an MES 30 as well and this thing is incredible. the only reason I would ever consider getting something else is that you cant fit a whole rack of ribs on there. and you have to get the smaller briskets (9-11 pound) in order to fit the whole thing in there without cutting it up.

the reason I haven't upgraded yet is because I just love this thing so much and im afraid that if I got a new one it wouldn't be as good.

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