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Dec 14, 2005
Hello everyone, I'm looking for info on smoking bacon and hams. We have relocated from NH to KY and can't find anyone in the area that smokes like we are used to up North. We had awesome bacon! We raise our own hogs and would like to buy a smoker for ourselves but are thinking of maybe starting a small business, somewhere down the road, since there seems to be a demand. Is there anyone out there who could offer suggestions on the best type of smoker and also info on the whole process of doing bacon and hams.

Welcome Cindy! While I cannot personally answer your questions there are some very regular contributors to this forum who can. Mr. Welcome himself, Earl D, AKA Dutch, was into commercial smoking and we have a lot of other folks who are tip top in experience. Hang on and you will have a flood of info headed right at you! In the menatime there are some threads on smoking ham and bacon in the forum so browse around and make yourself comfy!
Enjoy the experience of the best possible smoking meat forum in existence!
Hi Cindy,
I'd like to also welcome you the the forum. What a move! I think you will find a lot of things different in Ky. Anyway, as Monty said, there will be lots of first hand experience coming your way. I'd just mention one major point ..... and that is the kind of smoking or barbequing that we do does not actually provide any preservation. So be aware of the difference. We turn out some outstanding (most of the time) BBQ but if preserving is what youre after, that's a different process.

Fl. Bill
Hi Cindy!

Welcome to our group! Hams and bacon ar not my area of expertise (yet) 8) However, as SrMonty suggests, there is an entire thread in this forum that is dedicated to that very subject...

As for smokers, you will find many different opinions here. Personally, I enjoy the set it and forget it convenience of propane. (The stick-burners here teasingly refer to this as Lazy-Q) I am a dedicated GOSM user. I actually have two of them that I use as often as I possibly can. If you want a propane fueled set-up, then I recommend the GOSM. A good all around unit can be found for around $200.

Good Luck! I hope to some wonderful success stories from you in the very near future.

Hi Cindy and welcome.

You've come to the right place for the answers to your questions. There's enough expertise in this forum to help get you on your way. I have to agree with Brian on the propane GOSM. I'm a dedicated user myself. Although new to smoking, not even a year under my belt yet, these folks have helped me turn out some pretty good grub. Like you I'm from the north and I know what you mean by some pretty amazing bacon, Ive been fooling with that myself and I can't keep up with the demand from the family and friends. Good luck and I hope to be hearing from you here often.

Gee, I get stuck working late at my part time job and you guys get all the fun of welcoming Cindy into our fold :cry: (mumbling to self)

Oh! Hi Cindy! Another Ladysmoker to give this place some class! :mrgreen: It's not that we don't already have a lot of class here but theirs something special about having a gal in the group! (We have a gal from Australia but she doesn't post very much)

Sometime back we had a thread with someone wanting to get into the business of Commercial Smoking. Not meaning to scare you, but the Health Codes and the inspections that seem to be on going is daunting. Commercial Smoking is a Cold Smoking process (using 200 degrees or less) and a totally different animal that what we do here. There is a book that I would recommend that you read it is "Great Sausage Making, Curing and Smoking Meats" by Rytek Kutas. Check your local library to see if they have it or can get it for you. You can also buy it. Check out under Books and Videos.
Once again welcome to Smoking Meat Forums-these folks are awesome when it comes to helping out a kindred smoker.
Hi Cindy, welcome to the forum. I personally am a fan of pork barbecue having grown up in western Kentucky. Most of my posts are about pork barbecue and sauces native to Western Ky. I lived in Lexington for 10 years and travel back there regularly.

Where in Ky have you relocated to?

Hope you enjoy this informative and exciting forum.

Aubrey Page
OTBS #007
Hi Everyone, you guys are all so friendly. Thank you. Someone asked where in Ky we live, we are in Liberty. As I mentioned, just moved from NH where I grew up. It's a rural town about 1 1/2 hrs. south of Lexington. I'm also trying to get in touch with the man that did out smoking up north and see if he can help me out. Only one person here used to do it and I guess it was terrible. There seems to be lots of different kinds of smokers out there. Can you give me the pros and cons.

Hello, new member here from the Kansas City Missouri area. I enjoy grilling and smoking on all sorts of vintage grills and smokers. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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