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pepper jack

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Feb 12, 2017
Johnston City, Il.
Hello, I'm from southern Illinois. I'm 47 yrs old and work in construction. I've been coming to this group as a none member for a couple yrs now for reference purposes, figured it's best I join lol... I love my bluegill ,catfishing and anything else that may be biting. I hunt turtles,crawfish,mussels and come august after polishing off and canning the garden harvest. I get my squirrel rifle out and begin prepping my x-bow... Pretty much everything I do for fun revolves around gathering ingredients to cook with.... I've done quite a bit on the smoker over the years and just retired my 27 yr old Smokey Mountain smoker this year and I'm just breaking in my 40" Masterbuilt gas smoker... Looking for fresh ideas and from what I've seen so far...THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE...
Hello and welcome to SMF from the Great white North  
. Browse the forums and ask lots of questions, get involved. There is a an amazing amount of info, recipes and knowledge here that are second to none. Enjoy good luck and share your experiences.  
Thanks folks , glad to be here. Fix'n to go fire the smoker up now, got 4 chickens and 4 racks of ribs waiting to get all smoked up and happy..Y'all have a good day. :) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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